As a super real estate product that is attracting the special attention of customers as well as investors because of the scale of the project and the unique utility system in the area, VinCity Gia Lam Apartment will become an ideal place of residence for customers to fully enjoy the uplifting value of modern life.

Highlights at the Vincity Gia Lam project

In addition to the promises of a project with a prime location and high-class utilities of investor VinGroup thì Vincity Gia Lam ,there are also many outstanding advantages that customers cannot ignore:

  • Based on many unofficial sources, Vincity Gia Lam has an attractive price, only about VND 700 million / unit.
  • Developed by the investor in a closed urban model, Vincity Gia Lam will have synchronous and modern infrastructure.
  • The customer support policy is supported when purchasing Vincity Gia Lam. Customers only need to have on hand the amount equal to 20% of the value of the apartment. The remaining money is associated with the investor to lend to banks with low-interest rates and long term from 5 to 10 years.

Vincity Gia Lam Apartment


Vincity Gia Lam is a super real estate project that is attracting a lot of people’s attention, especially the attention of customers and investors, because of the scale and utilities that it brings. Vincity Gia Lam Apartment will become an ideal place for customers to appreciate the sublimation value of modern life.

  • Project Name: Vincity Gia Lam (Expected name of the project)
  • Investor: Vingroup
  • Project scale: 300ha
  • Average height of each building: 22 – 25 floors.
  • Design area of ​​each apartment: 35 – 90m2.
  • Location of project construction planning: Center of Gia Lam district
  • Project products: Apartments, commercial townhouses, commercial centers and other service utilities.
  • Commencement date of the project: Expected to be kept in 2017.


VinCity Gia Lam Apartment is located in Gia Lam – Long Bien, Hanoi City, one of the golden locations in the center of Long Bien District, this is one of the new projects of Vingroup Group as an investor with the aims to turn VinCity Gia Lam apartment into one of the hottest projects in Gia Lam area. Although this area is not the center of the capital, due to the synchronous transport infrastructure system and the proximity of some major roads such as Nguyen Van Cu, Ngoc Lam and Xuan Quan, the movement to the city center is extremely easy. Moreover, due to the mandatory work demand, many customers from other cities and provinces come here to live, so the VinCity Gia Lam apartment near Chuong Duong and Long Bien bridges should be extremely easy to reach from provinces and cities nearby.

VinCity Gia Lam project is equipped with furniture completely imported from Italy, the best building materials are imported with the highest price. Construction supervision consultants, apartment – building design consultants, construction contractors under the guidance of long-time experienced and experienced engineers and masters in the industry have been executing many projects in Hanoi city. With the motto of taking customers as the key and making the work fun, Vingroup always strives to bring customers the perfect and sustainable products – services.


With the segment of affordable houses for low-income people, Vingroup also offers apartment designs that are suitable for customers in this segment. There will be no large apartments, the area and design of Vincity Gia Lam apartments will be subdivided with the minimum expected area of ​​25 – 30m2 with the division of the Vincity Gia Lam Apartment area as below.

The selling price for an apartment with the smallest area is only about VND 600 – 700 million / unit and suitable for customers who have an average income of VND 10 – 15 million / month to own a Vingroup-branded apartment.

  • 1 bedroom apartment with an area ranging from: 25 – 30m2.
  • 2-bedroom apartment with expected area from: 50 – 65m2.
  • 3-bedroom apartment with expected area from: 75 – 90m2.
Vincity Gia Lam Apartment

Maybe Vincity Gia Lam will bring a new breeze in the affordable apartment segment. With a financial level of only about VND 600 million, you can own a high-class apartment of Vingroup.


Our company also provides unique opportunities for improving the interior decoration of an apartment. We provide the opportunity to design any room according to your preference. We want to give you the most comfortable and positive atmosphere. Feel at home with your new abode.

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Future residents of Vincity Gia Lam Apartment project will enjoy all 5-star services and amenities from Vingroup Group’s products: Vincom, Vinpro, Vinmart, Vinshool Inter-school system, rooms Vinmec examination, walking street, indoor and outdoor swimming pool and other outstanding facilities.


No matter where you live, the issue of security is always a top concern of residents. With the system of absolute security for each resident when living at Vincity Athena Gia Lam you can feel secure about your private life.