Hai Phat Complex apartment project is a project of Hai Phat Real Estate Joint Stock Company as an investor, the project is being urgently completed to complete the construction progress to hand over to customers. Quarter II / 2018, with the most complete and convenient value.

Coming to Hai Phat Complex, buyers have two options: two-bedroom house and three-bedroom property. 2-bedroom house with an area of 54-73m2. The three-bedroom house has an area of 89-91m2. All rooms have natural light and wind coming in. Each residential area of Hai Phat Complex is characterized by every small detail in the top 1. Each floor is built with 12 houses, the houses start from the 3rd to 24th floors on the textured structure. U of the building.

The destination of peace, in the premises of the Hai Phat Complex project apartment, has almost all scenes, conveniently formed suitable for families raising children such as Childhood Garden for children – having fun games right with Childhood childhood, Hubei Lake water park with fresh natural scenery, helps relieve fatigue after working days.

Choosing that destination is Hai Phat Complex project, as the name implies, you have the opportunity to experience a quality life with maximum safety, and have a golden position that can go anywhere in the country. capital.