The sustainable development of the real estate market in the past time can only be achieved when basically addressing the housing needs of the majority of middle-income people this year. Invest in Vincity Gia Lam project, low-income urban, immigrants.

Perspective of Vincity Gia Lam project

Demand for investment apartments in Gia Lam vincity

From such practice, the Association recommends that businesses need to restructure their investments, strongly shift to the affordable housing market and pay attention to developing low-cost rental housing to serve the needs of those who have it. Middle income, low income and immigrants. The strong development of real estate segment will help rebalance through the market and minimize risks in the Real Estate Segment now.

Many investors such as vincity family are moving to meet the demand

While the High-end segment is showing signs of oversupply, BDS investors are gradually turning to the housing market suitable for middle-income people. Well, many investors who specialize in making perfect houses now also turn to investing to make this market become vibrant.

Recently, Vingroup surprised when announcing the launch of a popular real estate brand VinCity. Also determined that affordable apartments are the key direction, there is vincity in Gia Lam, vincity knitting and holding houses in HimLam Land. The apartment is priced at around VND 1 billion / unit in the near future. Intracom 8 Vinh Ngoc project

Vincity Gia lam Affordable housing segment promises new breakthroughs

In 2017, when the race “Affordable housing segment” increased heat, to increase competitiveness, many investors launched high-class financial assistance policies to attract homebuyers. But to determine which projects are “worth” to buy, residents must base on numerous other important factors.

As one of the leading units in this apartment segment, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Huong – Director of implementation of Nam Long E-Investment Joint Stock Company said: “In the time of affordable real estate trend to the throne, to improve the ability Competitiveness, our unit always puts the quality of the building as our priority. After more than 20 years of experience and perseverance in pursuing such a segment, we have been asserting our reputation and quality through successful condominiums. In the next 5 years, Nam Long is expected to continue upgrading 10,000 more apartments to meet the great demand of the market ”

To understand more about this preferential real estate trend in 2017 and answer questions, let us talk to the leaders of NLG and real estate experts at the online session “Home trends affordable accommodation ”by CafeF in collaboration with the Young Business Intelligence newspaper at 2pm – 4pm on January 9, 2017.