The design of the VinCity Gia Lam project is expected to range from 22-26 floors, in which there will be 2 basements for parking, 3 floors of the commercial center and the upper floors will be used for residential. Each floor has from 12 to 16 apartments and each floor has 2 elevators to meet the travel needs of residents, avoid congestion during peak hours and create a sense of comfort for customers.


The apartment of VinCity Gia Lam has been developed by the investor to become a new type of urban area in Ha Dong district that is built by Vingroup Real Estate Group.

  • 1 bedroom apartment with an area ranging from: 25 – 30m2.
  • 2-bedroom apartment with expected area from: 50 – 65m2.
  • 3-bedroom apartment with expected area from: 75 – 90m2.

VinCity Gia Lam apartment is very interesting and based on the development with the expectation that this will be a new type of urban area that brings many benefits of infrastructure life for residents living here and desires to promote the development of the country in general as well as demonstrate the strong development of Ha Dong district. It is expected that VinCity Gia Lam apartment will become strong and most sought by customers in the coming time.