VinCity Gia Lam apartment has entered Hanoi real estate market in the last months of the year with prosperous and strong changes. Hanoi capital is gradually developing, high-rise buildings sprouting up throughout the districts inside the city as well as suburbs. VinCity Gia Lam Apartment is launched with customers in the East of the city, located in Gia Lam District, Long Bien, offering the perfect choice between countless existing real estate products. Invested by Vingroup, VinCity Gia Lam apartment promises to attract a large number of customers, bringing sophistication and differences in the project design as well as the outstanding utilities that the project brings. . Located in the east of Hanoi, a very favorable position in Long Bien district), it is only 10 minutes to Ho Guom Lake, and it is easy to move to urban districts via Chuong Duong or Vinh bridge. However, flexible connection to key construction clusters, administrative agencies, political and cultural of the whole country by the system of synchronously planned streets.


True to its name, VinCity Gia Lam apartment is built in a complex of modern developed city areas, but not so it reduces the green, airy, dreamy space with flower gardens and green grass park. As the most modern urban area, Vincity Gia Lam Long Bien apartment building has a 3-layer security system, divided by area from gate to apartment for customers, ensuring the safety for future residents. 24/24 camera surveillance system, high speed elevator system, supermarket shopping system, commercial center, beauty salon, etc. all make a perfect system, bring The safest and most comfortable life for residents.

  • Vincity Gia Lam – New wind of Hanoi market
  • Layout of Vincity Gia Lam apartment building

In addition to the “luxury No. 1” elements of Vincity Gia Lam apartment for suburban customers, Vingroup investors always update the policy of attractive incentives for customers who want to work. own luxury apartments, worthy owner in the heart of the city. Along with the timely delivery schedule being affirmed, VinCity Gia Lam will firmly be a product of capacity speculation, ensuring long-term and safe value of real estate investment and high business profits. VinCity Gia Lam apartment building project aims to build an elite, elite and separate community. All residents will enjoy high-end utilities from inside to outside this apartment project, managed by well-known management units.