Vingroup is one of the largest real estate corporations in Vietnam, continuing to offer its customers a series of affordable Vincity projects in the affordable segment with excellent quality. In particular, the Vincity Ocean Park project is a typical example when the information was released shortly, but it has received great attention from investors as well as many households looking for a place to live. .

Project overview information

Project Name: Vincity Ocean Park Gia Lam (expected commercial name)

Investor: Vingroup

opal ocean view

Location: Trau Quy, Duong Xa, Gia Lam, Hanoi

Scale area: 420ha

Construction scale: 2223 lots of adjacent villas and 66 apartment buildings

Apartments: The area of each apartment is from 35m2 to 90m2, corresponding to from 1 to 3 bedrooms with modern design, making the most of the wind and natural light.

Construction start time: Quarter 3 of 2018

Vincity Ocean Park urban area

Super terrible location of Vincity Gia Lam urban area

Vincity Ocean Park has a super nice location with a scale of 420ha in Trau Quy and Duong Xa communes, Gia Lam district, Hanoi. This is considered by experts as a golden land, an area with ideal transport infrastructure, connecting with many main roads of Hanoi and neighboring provinces.

  • North West borders on Ring Road 3
  • Northeastern borders Hanoi – Hai Phong and Nguyen Duc Thuan
  • The Southeast borders on Road 179 and the urban ring road
  • Southwest borders Hanoi – Hai Phong and Hanoi – Huong Yen highways

Location of Vincity Ocean Park urban area

Future residents of urban areas will not worry about taking too much time due to traffic jams even during rush hours due to the wide roads; It takes about 25 minutes to drive from Ocen Park to Hoan Kiem Lake

  • First street: Vincity – Co Linh – Chuong Duong Bridge – Thanh Yen – Phuc Tan – Long Bien Bridge
  • Second route: Vincity – Da Ton – Take the provincial road 379 and 378 to Thanh Yen – Phuc Tan – Long Bien Bridge
  • Third route: Vincity – Kieu Ky – Provincial Road 179 – Highway 5 – Nguyen Van Linh – Thach Ban – Co Linh – Long Bien Bridge

The high-class utilities that Vincity Ocean Park owns

Vingroup is always a leading brand of real estate products with high quality of life; always make customers curious, surprised about the utility system in the urban area they build. Therefore, the Vincity Ocean Park urban area when newly launched has been impressed by customers with the utilities and landscapes that they will enjoy in the future.

Leading utility system in Vincity Gia Lam

The River Subdivision- the most beautiful riverside villa subdivision

The River Park is located along the west of the Vincity Ocean Park urban area, this is the area of the buildings adjacent to the river area. Right from the name of The River subdivision, it clearly shows the investor’s idea in creating images of modern buildings, elegant but no less romantic, dreamy, looming in the shadows. the beautiful winding river and canal, dug around the air conditioner

Background The River subdivision

The front is a spacious roadway, sidewalks on each side of 7m5. From the villa to the river is 3m grass to 6m walkway, then 3m grass is very cool. The construction density is only about 54%, creating an ideal space for green living.

The River subdivision includes many modern amenities such as light plaza, marina, sports park, school system at all levels and health, and many other utilities extremely convenient for residents.

Besides these factors, The River is also beautifully designed, extremely reasonable price and an ideal living environment that you can hardly find in Hanoi.


  • Provide the latest information quickly from the investor.
  • Help customers get the best choice.
  • Provide official price list, support you to find apartments that fit the budget.
  • No additional charges.
  • Support procedures with investors, before and after long-term sales.
  • Supporting loan procedures with guarantee banks.
  • See the model house directly for customers to choose an apartment like that.

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