Although only launched at the end of 2016, Vincity projects have been receiving great attention from Vingroup investor. has really made a promise to attract extremely attractive investors. According to initial information, Vingroup will conduct construction of Vincity urban area in 7 major cities including TP. HCM and in Hanoi Vincity Gia Lam project and Dan Phuong Vincity project will be two pioneering projects in the North.
Gia Lam is known as one of the suburban districts of the city. In a few years ago, the real estate market in Gia Lam was still quite wild, the economic development was uneven. However, in recent years, thanks to the investment in building infrastructure and transportation, Gia Lam is one of the districts with a rapid growth.
So far we really cannot deny the attraction of high-end projects from Vingroup. However, at the time of high-end apartment market is in the saturation stage, the launch of a low-price apartment chain of Vingroup will really be one of the wise strategies contributing to blowing a new breeze. for the already sinking market.

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As we all know, economic infrastructure development always goes hand in hand with increasing population density. so housing demand is always an urgent issue for growth. Grasping the market trend as well as the potentials to develop the Vincity Gia Lam project in the future will surely be one of the pioneering urban areas with uniform facilities and affordable prices for all audiences. resident.