Coming to VinCity Gia Lam apartment, VinGroup’s investor wishes to create a prosperous and stable life for future residents by equipping the VinCity apartment complexes inside and outside the house perfectly. It will help residents to find peace of mind and enjoy the ideal life with full amenities right in their home.

Gia Lam apartment vincity


VinCity Gia Lam Apartment Commercial Center: Commercial service system and consumer supermarket are located on the ground floor of the apartment building. In the future, this place will be the focus of leading brands, satisfying all the shopping needs of residents living in the project.

Culinary restaurant area – CafĂ©: A multi-style restaurant from talented chefs promises to be an ideal place for residents to enjoy modern and stylish life.

Swimming pool system at VinCity apartment in Gia Lam: After stressful working hours, being immersed in the cool blue water at the project is an opportunity to recreate the energy source, to shake off worries and tiredness. Not only that but the future “Child Residents” of the country will also have healthy playing spaces to be far away from the useless and vices of society.

Spa area – Beauty center – Gym room: A beauty care center with modern equipment and technology will help residents to feel more comfortable and confident in life.

Green park: “Green space” at VinCity Gia Lam apartment is the investor focused on designing to meet the green standard – environmental friendliness. At any location in the project, residents will also have the green and fresh space that is close to nature.

Kindergarten – Children’s play area: To step up and cultivate “child residents”, safe and healthy play spaces for children are created.

24/7 security service: Professionally trained security guards and surveillance cameras ensure a safe and private life of residents at VinCity Gia Lam Hanoi Apartment Building.

Health care area: The health of residents is the top concern, so VinGroup plans to invest in healthcare services for residents with imported modern and advanced medical equipment from Europe with a team of well-trained doctoral and masters doctors, sense of responsibility, dedication, enthusiasm, high professional qualifications.