vinpearl nam hoi an – With the selling price just at the beginning of the price increase cycle, experts evaluate and invest in a resort apartment at such a time that it is awake and worth the money.

However, what is the decisive factor to “suck” this cash flow?

According to many experts, the coastal real estate segment is at the stage of forming a strong upgrade. However, in order to achieve the best performance, the investor must pay attention to the project’s goodwill, the investor’s brand, the reputation of the managing organization as well as the ability to optimize the amount of money. revenue of the product.

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Profitability ratio is a prerequisite

According to experts’ research, profitability rate is almost the first factor that investors look at when choosing a resort project.

In the current segment, it can be mentioned that the Vinpearl Resort & Villas product line of Vingroup has high feedback on the profitability rate, making a commitment to ensure sales of marine villas min 10% / year. for users at 10 years. In fact, with an 85% revenue share commitment, the number of users will even exceed 10% thanks to high occupancy.
Vinpearl Resort & Villas product lines are always highly appreciated about profit opportunities.
In addition, with a system of 15 class five-star resorts spread across the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, Vinpearl chain is always the first choice of users. The type of business system with high “coverage” helps Vinpearl to build relationships with long-term users, ensuring room occupancy is always high, or in other words, ensuring sustainable profits as well. as the continuous added value of the project.

If not “favorable”, the evaluation as “useless”

In addition to the profitability ratio, a product that is considered attractive must also rely on location factors. sea villas are designed to serve the needs of relaxation, For that reason, if placed in terrain that has no tourism potential, it is considered as “useless”.

Vinpearl leisure products are all located on the most beautiful beaches on the planet, planned on central locations in the most developed tourist cities of Vietnam, attracting tourists. at home and abroad like Da Nang, the beautiful sea, Phu Quoc. It can be said that this is truly the most paradise resort of Vietnam and the region.

“This is a key factor to help increase product sales. Therefore, the large products in the famous tourist cities of Vietnam will surely attract more investors, “one investor responded.

Vingroup’s Villa is resting at the beautiful beach of Vietnam.

As noted by the segment and experts’ opinion, the resort real estate segment is heating up with a series of projects offered as well as thousands of billion dong of capital poured into. Of course, when the market is showing more and more condotel projects, the fact that a product has a different feature will be a unique element instead of revolving around the very desirable and magnificent as Many other products. Completely superior to the rest products of other investors, Vinpearl Resort & Villas is located in Vinpearl resort populations, enjoying 5-star ecosystems such as golf courses, Vinpearl Land amusement parks. , Vinmec International General Hospital, Safari Animal Care and Conservation Park … not only that, it is also the ultimate utility system with operating and management policies that bring maximum benefits to the home. invest.

Prestige is associated with the investor and operating organization

According to the experts’ feedback, Vietnam has great potential for the rate of upgrading resort real estate. Enjoying, the resort real estate market has the strongest point is that the legal framework is no longer stuck, so the resort apartment segment is having an opportunity to thrive.

However, the prestige associated with the project investor’s brand and the years of experience of the project management organization are the key components of the success in the process of deploying and exploiting products. Hotel apartment.

An expert also said: “The reputation of investors can be considered as the most important factor, affecting investment decisions. Because, a well-known investor name will have a strong financial potential and less capital mobilization from investors. And in the market now enjoying, Vingroup is one of the most reputable and prestigious investors in Vietnam. With large-scale resort products, Vingroup will certainly be the name that many investors ‘choose to send gold’ when making a decision. “