The apartment complex of VinCity Gia Lam Hanoi is part of a series of VINCITY branded housing projects for low-income customers working and living in Hanoi. With the project of VinCity Gia Lam with scale up to nearly 300ha, it will bring quality houses to customers and contribute to the development of the eastern area of Hanoi.

Vincity Gia Lam Apartment


  • Project Name: Vincity Gia Lam (Expected name of the project)
  • Investor: Vingroup
  • Project scale: 300ha
  • Average height of each building: 22 – 25 floors.
  • Design area of each apartment: 35 – 90m2.
  • Location of project construction planning: Center of Gia Lam district
  • Project products: Apartments, commercial townhouses, commercial centers and other service utilities.
  • Commencement date of the project: Expected to be kept in 2017.

VinCity Gia Lam apartment complex will be built by Vingroup for quality, synchronous and modern buildings with full essential utilities for residents such as health care, schools, shopping centers, shops, utilities, trees, landscapes, sports areas and service infrastructure. Vincity Gia Lam project will have full-service infrastructure such as Vinhomes, health will follow Vinmec standards, pepper schools will follow Vinschool or equivalent schools. With a unique and harmonious overall design, VinCity Gia Lam brings a quality living environment, green living space that will improve the life of residents in VinCity urban area. Gia Lam is of good quality. VinCity Gia Lam urban area is ​​300ha, it will create a complex area. Urban green, quality and class, offering apartments for clients VinCity Gia Lam area east of Hanoi.


Located in a golden plot on the outskirts of the capital, this is considered as fertile land and is expected to contribute greatly to the development of the cultural, educational and social material of the Capital. The residents of VinCity Gia Lam apartment have all available utilities such as Gia Lam high school, kindergarten, Gia Lam district market, entertainment area, green campus, room community activities, gym.

Green space Vincity Gia Lam

Even more amazing is that the VinCity Gia Lam project area creates a closed, safe space with a range of internal amenities such as a garden, a sports complex, a walkway, a children’s play area, health clubs, gifted clubs, pharmacies, convenience stores, clinics, hanging gardens, overhead cafes that meet the diverse needs of residents living here, they do not need to go far away. Homeowners will enjoy the most wonderful and happy life when living at VinCity Hung Yen. The green colour is the key factor that creates the uniqueness of VinCity Gia Lam apartment with new design style. Gia Lam lake, helping the living space of the residents living here is always full of vitality, full of energy and creates a sense of relaxation and regeneration of energy consumed after working hours and energetic after a stressful day at work.