Vincity Dai Mo, Vincity Tay Mo and Vincity Gia Lam are all projects located in prime locations and are brought by many investors for green landscapes and utilities living inside the apartment’s interior. .

In recent years, the real estate market has formed a series of projects with the same brand, in order to create a common urban population lifestyle including Vincity Gia Lam’s projects. Prime location, green landscape, modern facilities, preferential payment are the major strengths of this project chain.

Landscape of Vincity Gia Lam at night

What are the Vincity Gia Lam project areas?

Vincity Gia Lam apartments are located in prime locations, built to international standards with intelligent design apartments, convenient in function and diverse in area. Most importantly, all projects invest in creating a luxurious and peaceful living space in the middle of an urban place. This is a modern but quiet apartment, full of tropical gardens where there are commercial centers, high-end supermarkets. The ingenious combination of architecture and landscape gives residents many experiences of high-class life, in harmony with nature.

Not all projects have high-end facilities integrated inside the apartment’s interior, lush tropical gardens, flower gardens, lawns and shady walkways. Green landscape helps residents to shake off worries and tiredness; Rest, relax and re-create life energy after returning home every day.

No need to go far, residents of Vincity Gia Lam project will be able to shop, play sports, relax right on the project site. Modern gym, four-season swimming pool, restaurant, BBQ garden, amusement park … meet the needs of every family.

Not only carefully taking care of each external utility, Vincity Gia Lam projects also calculate both current needs and future trends to satisfy all the needs of residents. Therefore, this place is chosen by many families as a place to settle down.