Many customers who come to Vincity Gia Lam Apartment are not only satisfied with the smart design but also satisfied when the investor develops internal utilities to meet daily living needs.

Safe and modern utilities

At vincity real estate, residents will enjoy a convenient and convenient life with a safety system, a private lift system to ensure traffic during peak hours, synchronized security systems, fire protection fire, 24/24 surveillance cameras, backup generators, 2 spacious basements to meet the travel needs of residents.

In addition, the housing complex, Gia Lam Vincity Trade Center 27 floors with 252 apartments, 2 basements vincity brand is convenient, flexible design, suitable for the needs of all subjects.

In particular, including 4 commercial floors and 1 floor of community activities, providing all necessary utilities for residents of Hung Yen vincity apartments such as supermarkets; Bank; restaurant; coffee; amusement parks; preschool; gym room; the park around the building, there are 2 air-conditioned balconies on every floor;…

Apartment density / floor is extremely low

Gia Lam vincity urban area is located with a construction density of 25%, low density of apartments / floors to meet the needs of comfortable living. Because of the low density factor, the apartments will have more and more convenient design and layout space, the apartments have more surface, rooms are arranged in harmony. Reasonable design, from 2-3 bedrooms, each floor has 12 units with sizes from 73.7m2 – 113.4m2.

Through research, a number of customers who have just deposited money to buy an apartment are known to choose to buy a house in a quiet vincity apartment not only because of its convenient location, but also from the comfort and convenience and trust in the owner. invest.

Nha Trang vincity apartment is 2km away from Me Linh Plaza Ha Dong shopping center, near Military Hospital 103, Security Academy, Architectural University and near many schools … as the center connecting new urban areas such as Mo Lao – Van Quan, Xa La, Linh Dam Peninsula Urban Area with distance from 300m to 3km.

The highlight of Saigon vincity is the direct view to Chu Van An Park with an area of 100 hectares. This masterpiece is the birthplace of Chu Van An.

Information you need to care about:

Location utilities

Attracted by the position, Quynh Mai took the initiative to Hanoi vincity project to find out information from early April 2016. Ms. Mai said: “After nearly 20 years of living, until now I have only seen a charismatic project built here. I decided to look for information with the hope that this will be my family’s experience of a modern and comfortable life ”.

In addition to the utility factor, the hung yen vincity apartment is also attracted by extremely convenient transportation, the project is located on Phan Trong Tue street, where the arterial road connects Tran Phu and Ngoc Hoi.

Route 70 is the arterial road connecting Van Dien station and Ha Dong bus station.

This is a road with rapid infrastructure development, great investment and special attention of Hanoi leaders. Convenient trade spread to the West and the South of Hanoi.

Currently, the vincity project of Nha Trang has basically completed, tiled to the 20th floor and exceeded the 4-month schedule, expected to hand over in the second quarter of 2017.